Johor Tourism Interchange

Johor Tourism Interchange (JTI) is the most advance travel app in Malaysia to provide all the travel informations. The main purpose of the JTI implementation is to integrate the use of technology in improving the level of Tourism Johor services to tourists through mobile applications that have various interactive features.

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What we are all about

Johor Tourism Interchange Sdn. Bhd. is technology leading company that based in Johor Bahru. We provide professional technology solutions for various clients and customers suits with our motto; “Towards Future Nation”. Our core business engaged continuous passion in advanced digital 4.0 technology, applications and solutions.

We are specializing in custom made, business-tailored technology application that focusing on streamlined solution, business workflow to focus on what they do best and let the system to handle all their needs especially that are related in 4.0 industrial revolution components.

At Johor Tourism Interchange Sdn Bhd, we make the world’s information on innovation, emerging companies, and technologies accessible. Our Big Data & AI-powered Discovery Platform covers over 2,5 million startups & scaleups globally, making it the world’s leading resource for data on emerging companies. This technology enables you to identify what’s next by quickly and exhaustively scouting startups, scaleups, emerging technologies & trends that matter.

A knowledgeable digitally-trained team is an asset to any company that wants to maintain its digital edge. The digital world is evolving daily and keeping up is no mean feat, more so when it comes to growing the bottomline. By investing in training and development, you will have a self-starting team that will be able to understand, perform, monitor and review all your digital marketing activities and help you reap the best benefits of the opportunities created by technology. As your team matures, they will be able to take the lead in digital strategy and implementation of sales and business targets through digital means.

Experience in providing digital and software solution

Our Mission

Provide sustainable technology solutions through game-changing and revolutionizing approaches while delivering socially conscious businesses.

Our Vision

To create a better place through adoption of the right and responsible technology. We also believe that everyone have the right to use technology for their well-being and sustainable future.